The nonchalantly cool Gaia Trussardi has been the transformative powerhouse at the helm of Trussardi’s main line for five years, and in that short time, she has successfully translated the brand to the fast-paced, eclectic and trend-led environs of the 21st-century consumer. In this extract from her extended interview in AUTHOR, she tells us why human connection and a love for the discourse of subcultural identity drive her creative expression.

“My sociological studies are an important part of my cultural baggage, and they allow me to have a broad understanding of emerging subcultures, wider society, and market needs. It is the filter through which I perceive changes in customs and attitudes, and it allows me to create products that have, well, a specific ‘function’ within society. Fashion is a form of expression. It helps define society, particularly where it stands in the sense of history. 

There is a responsibility in my job: that of preserving a certain taste and style while mixing it with new content that looks very much at the present, and more importantly, the future. Constant research and curiosity towards all aspects of culture that lead to cross-breeding are what I inherited from my father–we share an eclectic, dynamic spirit, which is a fundamental aspect of every project; and a desire to interpret elegance effortlessly.”

Interview By OONA CHANEL

Pictures by Stefano Moro Van Wyk 

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